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Student Transfer Applications

Student Transfer Applications
Open for 2020-2021 School Year
Deadline: May 15, 2020

Per Board Policy 4025, the student transfer window is set from February 1st to May 15th for the following school year.

Parents who would like to complete a request for student transfer may do so through our online system.

The family dashboard and application can be found at:

Transfer questions can be directed to the Student Services Office at


SCS Website:
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8th Grade High School Schedules

Dear Parents and 8th Grade students:

Due to schools being closed, the high school counselors were not able to meet individually with your children to talk about the class choices that they made and put into Xello. Their class choices have been entered into PowerSchool for the next school year. Please have your child pull up their Xello account and speak to you about their choices. If you have any questions or need to possibly change something, please contact us directly by March 31st, which is our deadline to input class registrations. Our contact information is as follows, and it is also available on the WSHS website:
704-961-5207 - Office
704-545-4715 - Home Land Line
704-961-5209 - Office
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