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Mrs. Jenifer Brown

6th Grade ELA
     Jenifer Brown     
Call during planning (between 8am - 9:15am) or before/after school
Reading   - short stories, novels and Literature (LIT) circles;
Homework is to READ nightly (books and activities given in class)
Powerpoints for COLT notes:
Vocabulary  - done through Flocabulary; students are assigned one song per week and will complete the Read & Respond and Quiz for each weekly vocabulary lesson.
This CAN be done at home!
Stems   - will learn 4 new stems per week (2 from 5th grade and 2 from 6th grade); these are kept in stems notebooks; students will also transfer these stems and definitions to Quizlet to study. 
Quizzes are once per week and are cumulative (we add 4 new stems to our growing list each week -- then quiz on all of them!)
Students should study stems at home!
Grammar  - students will create an interactive grammar notebook (the other 1/2 of their stems notebook) and complete assignments in noRedink for these skills. 
This CAN be done at home!
Writing - students will write in complete sentences when they answer questions; creative writing that will be kept in the classroom until the end of the year.
Helpful websites:
no red