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Art 2018-2019

Hello and welcome back to art! -Mr. Bottoms

Art Class Website:

6th, 7th, and 8th grade will meet daily for 45 minutes during the semester.

Supply list: A pencil and a sketchbook will be needed daily. Sketchbooks can be from Hobby Lobby, or even lined notebook paper. Some students prefer to bring their own markers in a case and that is fine too.


Expectations for the art room are shared daily; Be nice to everyone and their art. Be prepared daily with pencil/sketchbook, follow directions with art supplies, no horseplay, and no loud voices. Art class is fun but it is also a respectful place to be creative.

Grading Similar to a sport in middle school, some may be new to art this year. As long as a student tries their best and has a positive attitude they will do well in art. My grading policy is fair. 25% quizzes, 25% sketchbook work, 25% art, 25% work ethic.

Projects will include drawing, painting, clay, digital, fabric, paper mache’, and art history information.

Lessons are aligned with the NCDPI standards for K-8 Visual art. Some art projects will have students collaborating in groups but the majority of art is individual work. Students will also have the opportunity to enter local, state, and nationally recognized art contests.

Art Club meets Wednesdays 3 till 4pm. Parents can email Mr. Bottoms about snacks. September 4th is our first meeting.

Art Class blog

About Mr. B

I have always enjoyed making art. After high school, I joined the Marines for college tuition. While there, they made me teach other Marines on the rifle range and in the classroom. After teaching my fellow Marines, I started to enjoy being a teacher. So after completing my college courses, I became an art teacher. I now enjoy teaching students what I’ve learned about art! I also have a wife, and our son is at NC State. In my spare time, I enjoy painting in my home studio.


Donations please...

While there are no required fees, we do accept donations to the art room.

The following are always appreciated!

● Cleaning wipes for tables.

● Tissues

● Newspapers

● Paint

● Latex house paint

● Please email if you have other donations.

Class Website:

Art Club meets Wednesdays 3 till 4pm. Parents can email Mr. Bottoms about snacks.