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Principal's Message

West Stanly Middle is an amazing middle school that has so much to be proud of.  Our staff is dedicated to maximizing the academic success and personal growth of each of our students.  As we move into the new school year, we are looking forward to an ambitious start with continued outstanding academic achievements, successful spring sports seasons, and exciting and engaging student activities (during school and extracurricular).


Students, as you start this new school year, take a couple of minutes to reflect on the events that took place last year - the good, the not so good, and the challenges.  As you reflect, think about the steps you will take to have better grades, better friendships, and better outcomes which will positively impact your academic experience. Don’t forget that you have a family, both at home and at school, that “have your back”.  Face each day with a positive outlook and always give it your very best!


Parents, we appreciate your support!  This is a perfect time to review your child’s progress toward achieving personal and academic goals.  Make sure you have signed up for PowerSchool ParentPortal and are having conversations with your child to encourage them to start the year strong!  Feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s), the school counselor, or school administration, if you have any questions or concerns.


Here at WSMS, we are privileged to have a strong “family” network that has built positive relationships and established support systems for our students and our community.  We will continue to exhibit COLT PRIDE and work together to accomplish and promote student successes!


Jennifer I. Huneycutt